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Arrangement for a Silent Orchestra Prescott College Art Gallery at Sam Hill Warehouse, Prescott, Arizona September 28 – October 27, 2012 October 5: Opening Reception October 11: Artist Talk and Violin Performance

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Studio Views

Here are some studio photos that show the large paintings in-progress. The under-paintings are completed in two steps, first laying down a wash and wiping away highlights, then building up dark and middle values.      

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Studies XII and XIII

Since returning from our trip to Spain a couple of months ago, I revisited the sunset and sunrise images, taking into consideration the color schemes in Goya's paintings that I viewed during our stay in Madrid (but I still haven't figured [...]

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Background Studies VIII – XI

These are the final studies completed during our final week in Granada, Spain. I'm attempting to resolve the backgrounds in the daylight images. This week we're heading to Madrid and the Museo del Prado where I'll be looking at Goya's [...]

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