Background Studies VIII – XI

These are the final studies completed during our final week in Granada, Spain. I'm attempting to resolve the backgrounds in the daylight images. This week we're heading to Madrid and the Museo del Prado where I'll be looking at Goya's [...]

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Studies I and II

These are the first two paintings I made in Granada, using gouache for the first time and trying to get used to a tiny, travel-friendly scale. Also experimenting with tinted gesso.   Arrangement for a Silent Orchestra (Study I) / 2010 [...]

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Studies III and IV

I became more comfortable using gouache on the fire paintings and began to enjoy the small scale. These are the third and fourth studies completed during my second week in Granada.   Arrangement for a Silent Orchestra (Study III) / 2010 [...]

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Granada, Spain

We've been in Granada, Spain for three weeks, with two weeks remaining. Having our camera stollen delayed the photo-posting, but it's been replaced now so I'll try to catch up. I try to get a bit of painting time in [...]

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