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Project Description

Julie Comnick | The Children’s Garden Mural | 2013 | The Children’s Garden Preschool, Prescott, AZ

The Children’s Garden Mural | 2013 | The Children’s Garden School, Prescott, AZ

The Children’s Garden Mural represents the inherent individuality and diversity of all living things.  Completed in 2013, the mural serves as an interpretive identification guide for local bird species, and a welcoming image for The Children’s Garden Preschool in Prescott, Arizona.

The mural includes thirty-five bird species that are local to the White Spar wilderness area near The Children’s Garden.  In the image, the birds flock together, some carrying twigs in their beaks, toward the birdhouse in the center.  The birdhouse is modeled after the architecture of The Children’s Garden building, perched on the trunk of an elm tree that references the tree in front of the school.  The east-facing wall includes compass points that teach the relative cardinal directions: West, North, East, and South.

A full-color guidebook accompanies the mural to serve as a learning tool for bird identification.

Download The Guidebook