Campaign for Instruments-Beyond-Repair

For the next phase of Arrangement for a Silent Orchestra I have been collecting symphony orchestra instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion) beyond repair. Thanks to contributors, I have succeeded in collecting a sufficient number of instruments, but I would still welcome your support in the sponsorship of an instrument by making a donation. Click here to read about the project plans. Donations of any amount are appreciated, or please consult the following estimated price guide:

pile IIIStrings

Violin $20

Viola $20

Cello $40

Double Bass $80


Flute $20

Oboe $30

Clarinet $20

Bassoon $30


Trumpet $15

French horn $35

Trombone $20

Tuba $50


Timpani $25

Xylophone $40

Snare drum $25

Bass drum $40


$15-$25 per instrument

Contributors will be listed in public presentations of the project. Thank you for your support!

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